Happy New Year Tribe💃🏽

This place has gathered enough dust! It feels good to be back, at least for now. All I know is I have missed this space so much! Reflecting back in 2021, I had a hair disaster moment where I just did not care about my hair and let it do what it like. Thoughts aboutContinue reading “Happy New Year Tribe💃🏽”

What I Have Been Up To ft New Look!

Hey Lovelies!It has honestly been a while! Geez! I have missed this space and missed writing. Well… missed writing my actual thoughts and not forced thoughts like my school essays. I have literally been drowning in so many assignments coupled up with writing my final year dissertation. It has not been the easiest. You seeContinue reading “What I Have Been Up To ft New Look!”


Blogiversary🤯 Hello everyone, Anuhair.home.blog clocked 2 years on the 15th of April. Happy for the progress so far! Thanks to all of you who read, comment and share! Excited for the coming years and more anniversaries! Cheers to 2 years and counting🥂 The Regimen Series continues and today we have Tee Jay! A: Who isContinue reading “REGIMEN SERIES (4)”

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A: Who is Amina? M: Amina is a 21 year old Nigerian student studying Biochemistry in the University of Benin. Amina loves natural hair care and spends most of her free time reading, writing and sharing tips on how to grow and maintain it. She is a hair care specialist too and helps people withContinue reading “REGIMEN SERIES (3)”

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