3 years ago I asked you to join me on this journey and you did. Now, 59 posts,  9,588 views, 447 likes,  2582 visitors,  318 subscribers, and 193 comments later, I just want to ask “how are you?”

Through the inconsistencies, growth, and silence, you stuck with me, and the blog. I am surprised to have had any views at all this year since I posted last in January.  It has been a rollercoaster because there were times I wanted to give up, and let go of the blog but I realised what I was doing was beyond me, beyond you.  It’s something that would not only matter to this generation but generations to come.

I would like to share an email I got from one of the readers last year which spoke to my heart. It spoke to the purpose of this blog and why even though there might be inconsistencies, giving up is not an option.

I want to particularly thank you for sharing in this journey, and taking your time to read, share, like, and comment.

We are going to begin another journey together but this time I am inviting you to be a part of the progress. The time has come for the blog to evolve and take things up a notch. 

I am sure you would have seen certain changes to the blog, especially as regards the new name and blog title which is Natural Hair Africa. The domain name is set to change but I would like this post to be the last for Anu’s Hair. I am so emotional right now *crying a river*

There is a lot I would love for us to do since we have one thing in common: Natural Hair.

I would want the vision to be the same as always: Helping people out with their natural hair and hair journey. Whether you have relaxed afro hair or regular afro hair, you are welcome to be a part of this amazing new journey. Without you, this new journey would be futile.

Joining us on this journey is Favour Uche, an extraordinary content writer whose articles you are sure to enjoy.  If you would love to be a part of the team, kindly reach out to  We would love nothing more but to grow with you and likewise you with us. 

I would like to implore you to please follow @sleeknaturalists on Instagram to get the latest updates and see what’s going on in the hair community across Africa.

Thank you for always!


Anuoluwapo Adesina.


Published by Anuoluwapo Adesina

We want to create a space where African hair regardless of type or texture can be put on a global landscape by making a platform for expression for those interested in the natural hair movement.

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